Manas Chandra Ray


Mechanical Engineering



Research Areas

  • Smart Structures, Composite structures,
  • Fuzzy fiber reinforced composites
  • Flexoelectricity, Flexomagnetism
  • Piezoelectric Fiber-Reinforced Composite
  • Micromechanics and Nano Mechanics

1.  Smart structures
Professor Manas Chandra Ray, a pioneering researcher of smart structures has initiated research on smart composite structures in India, He derived the first bench mark three-dimensional electro-mechanical exact solution of smart composite structures. For efficiently exploiting the vertically reinforced 1-3 piezoelectric composite, he discovered that the transverse actuation by the piezoelectric constraining layer of the active constrained layer damping treatment also causes active damping and active structural-acoustic control of smart structures.
2. Smart materials and nanocomposites
His exemplary research revealed that radially grown wavy carbon nanotubes significantly enhance the effective piezoelectric coefficients of the existing 1-3 piezoelectric composite, effective elastic, thermo-elastic and thermal properties of fuzzy fiber-reinforced composite and that flexoelectric fibers can be exploited for developing smart nanocomposite.
3.  Smart nanostructures and strain gradient elasticity
Prof. Ray derived benchmark solution of flexoelectric and flexomagnetic nanostructures and Eshelby tensor employing strain gradient elasticity. He discovered that unlike the elastic solid, the classical stress at a point in a flexoelectric solid due to converse flexoelectricity is affected by the nonlocal elasticity.
4.   Novel Computational models
A novel computationally efficient three-dimensional fractional order derivative constitutive model of viscoelastic layer is developed by him.
Implementing the hybrid-trefftz finite element method for analyzing laminated structures was a challenging issue for three decades. Recently, Prof. Ray resolved this issue and developed a novel hybrid-trefftz finite element for the analysis of laminated composite/smart structures.
5.   Composite Structures
Prof. Ray has a theory entitled “zeroth order shear deformation theory (ZSDT) for laminated composite plates” (ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics, 2003, Vol. 70, No. 3, pp. 374-380) for the analysis of any composite/smart composite structures.
Recently, Prof. Ray solved a breakthrough problem on finding the three-dimensional exact solutions for antisymmetric laminated composite plates which was unsolved for more than 50 years.
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  • Co-Principal Investigator

Ph. D. Students

Subhasankar Dwibedi

Area of Research: Smart Composite Structures