Faculty Openings

The Institute invites applications from Indian nationals, possessing excellent academic background, commitment to quality teaching and potential for carrying out outstanding research, for faculty positions at the level of Assistant Professor.

Ph.D. with first class or equivalent at the preceding degree in appropriate branch and evidence of the ability to pursue independent high quality research.

At least 3 years' teaching/research/industrial experience. The candidates should be preferably below 35 years of age.

Scale of Pay
Assistant Professor: Rs.12,000 - 420 - 18,300
plus allowances as admissible to Central Government employees.


  • Initial grant up to Rs.1.00 lakh for carrying out research projects (up to a maximum limit of Rs.3 lakhs for a period of 3 years as a very special case on case-to-case basis).
  • Full funding for attending two national conferences per year either for presenting a paper or chairing a session.
  • Financial assistance up to Rs.1.00 lakh once in 3 years for attending International conferences for presenting a paper or chairing a session as per Institute guidelines.
  • Reimbursement of 75% of membership fee of one international professional society every year.
  • Rs.4000/- per year as contingent grant.
  • Reimbursement of telephone charges up to Rs.750 per month.

Suitable residential accommodation as per rules will be provided in the Campus of the Institute on joining the Institute.

Interested candidates may apply enclosing

  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • List of Publications (with reprints of important publications).
  • Proposed Research Plan.
  • Department/Centre/School at which the candidate proposes to work.
  • Names and Addresses (with e-mail addressed and fax numbers) of at least three referees, who may be requested to send their reports directly in confidence to Dean (F&P), IIT Kharagpur - 721302.
  • Any other details.


  • Minimum requirement of experience may be relaxed in respect of outstanding candidates.
  • Mere fulfillment of minimum qualification and experience requirements does not entitle candidates to be called for interview.
  • The Institute reserves the right to fill or not to fill any or all the posts advertised.

    Download Application Form

    For obtaining the application form by post, send a self-addressed envelope (26 cm X 11 cm) indicating the Department/Centre/School to which the appointment is sought.
    Apply any time - throughout the year. The candidates applying from Government Organizations should have their applications duly forwarded by competent authority. Based on the need of the Department/Centre/School concerned, efforts will be made to take a decision at the earliest.

For further details contact

    Assistant Registrar(R)
    Indian Institute of Technology
    Kharagpur 721302, India.
    Phone: 03222-282128
    Fax: 03222-282020
    Email: asregre@hijli.iitkgp.ernet.in
    Candidates can also contact the Heads of various Departments/Centres/Schools.
    Their email and postal addresses are on the Institute website.

Departments and Specializations :

Department of Aerospace Engineering:   Aerospace Structures, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Flight Mechanics.

Department of Agricultural & Food Engineering:  Farm Machinery & Power, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Post Harvest & Food Engineering, Agronomy

Department of Architecture & Regional Planning:  Architectural Design / Building Material and Composites / Building Sciences and Management / Building Technology and Construction / City Planning / Computer Aided Design / Construction Management / Disaster Mitigation and Management / Energy, Environment, Climatology and Solar Architecture / GIS, Remote Sensing and Urban Informatics / History of Architecture / Housing / Industrial and Product Design / Landscape Planning and Design / Metropolitan Planning / Regional Planning (with Geography / Economics background) / Transportation Engineering and Planning / Urban Economics / Urban Design / Urban Conservation and Building Preservation / Urban Development Management / Urban Infrastructure / Visual communication and Graphic Design.

Department of Biotechnology:  Molecular Immunology / Cell & Tissue Engineering / Computational Biology / Bioelectronics / Bioinformatics / Molecular Genetics & Transgenics / Proteomics / Structural Biology / Bioengineering / Biochemical Engineering (Bioprocess control/ modeling / simulation)

Department of Chemical Engineering:  Process Synthesis and Equipment Design, Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals, Transport Phenomena, Interfacial Phenomena, Particulate Technology, Separation Science and Technologies, Thermodynamics and Reaction Engineering, Fuel and Mineral Processing, Process of Dynamics and Control, Multiphase Flow, Industrial Pollution Control, Bioprocess Engineering, Optimization Techniques in Chemical Engineering.

Department of Chemistry:  Polymer chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Organic/Bioorganic chemistry, Biochemistry & Physical chemistry

Department of Civil Engineering:  Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engg., Transportation Engg., Structural Engg.& Geotechnical Engg.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering:  Operating System and Compiler Design, Parallel, Distributed and Real Time systems, Computer Graphics and animation, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Algorithms, Database and Information systems, Artificial Intelligence, VLSI Design and CAD, Bio-informatics, Theoretical Computer Science, Software Engineering, Multimedia Systems

Department of Electrical Engineering:  Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Electronics, Energy Systems and Power Engineering, Systems and Control Engineering, Instrumentation and Signal Processing

Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering:  Computer Engineering, RF & Microwave Engg., Telecommunications, Computer Vision & Image Processing, Photonics & Light Wave Engg.

Department of Geology & Geophysics:  Geophysics / Applied Geophysics / Exploration Geophysics (any suitable specialization), Petroleum / Coal / Reservoir Geology, Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Organic Geochemistry

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences:  Psychology (Specialization in Social / Industrial /Organizational Psychology), Economics (Specialization in Agricultural Economics, Economic Theory and Econometrics), English

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management:   Production and Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, ERP, E-Business, Management Information Systems, Operations Research, Software Engineering and Management, Statistical Modelling, Financial Engineering, Works System Design (including Human Factors Engineering), Manufacturing Systems, Technology Management, Quality Engineering

Department of Mathematics:   Computer Science, Algebra, Statistics, Fluid Dynamics

Department of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Manufacturing Science and Technology :   Casting, Welding and forming processes; Machining and Grinding, Non-conventional machining processes; Regenerative manufacturing and rapid prototyping; Surface engineering; Micro and ultra precision manufacturing; Quality assurance and reliability engineering.
  • Thermal Science and Engineering :   Fluid Mechanics-Theoretical, Experimental and Computational/Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics/I.C. Engines, Turbomachines/Refrigeration and Air conditioning.
  • Applied Mechanics :   Continuum Mechanics/Composites, Fracture mechanics/System Dynamics and control/Tribology/Fluid Drives and Control/Design Automation/Modelling and Simulation, Soft computing, MEMS, Bio-mechanics, Industrial Automation and Robotics, Mechatronics

Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering:  Corrosion, Extractive Metallurgy, Powder Metallurgy

Department of Mining Engineering:  Underground Metalliferous Mining, Economics of Mineral Enterprises, Quality Control, Underground Space Design, Mine Planning, Rock Mechanics, Geomatics and Remote Sensing, Surface Environment

Department of Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture:  Marine/Ocean Hydrodynamics, Marine/Ocean Structures, Marine Design & Production, Coastal Engineering, Physical Oceanography & Ocean Wave Modeling

Department of Physics & Meteorology:  Nuclear Physics (Experiment), Condensed Matter Physics (Experiment), Photonics(Experiment), Biophysics and Atmospheric Physics (Experiment)

Centres and Specializations :

Centre for Oceans, Rivers, Atmosphere and Land Sciences (CORAL):  Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography, Remote Sensing, Hydrological / Modelling, Earth Sciences, Space Technology application to Earth System Science

Cryogenic Engineering Centre:  Superconductivity and Low Temperature Physics, Heat Transfer and Thermal Engineering, Mass Transfer and Separation Processes

Materials Science Centre:  Semiconductor and Allied Materials, Ceramic Materials Science and Technology, Polymeric Materials Science and Technology

Reliability Engineering Centre:  System reliability assessment & Design, Probabilistic risk assessment, Software reliability.

Rubber Technology Centre:  B.Tech/M.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering with research interest in Polymer/Rubber Technology or practical experience in Polymer/ Rubber Industry/Post-graduate Degree in Polymer/Rubber Technology with research/practical experience in Chemical/Mechanical Industries

Rural Development Centre:  Rural Information System -Ph. D in "Information Technology" with the background in rural development and agriculture

Centre for Education Technology:  Distributed Learning, Instructional Design, WEB based Learning, Computer Networks & Operating Systems, Digital Television, Video System Engineering

Schools and Specializations :

Vinod Gupta School of Management:  Business Policy, Human Resource Management, Industrial Marketing, Accounting and Law, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Technology & Systems

School of Medical Science & Technology:  MBBS, B.Tech or B.E. in relevant branch of engineering with Ph.D in Biomedical Instrumentation / Biomaterials / Biomechanics / Bioinformatics / Genetic Engineering / Implant Materials and Prostheses / Immunotechnology / Medical Image Processing and Biosensors/Medical Sciences/Medical Imaging Telemedicine. Candidates will have to teach subjects like, Medical Imaging, Biomedical Instrumentation, Biomaterials, Biomechnics, Bioinformatics, Immunotechnology, Infectious and Communicable diseases, Nuclear Medicine Radiation Therapy and its effects, Simulation of Biomedical Systems, Telemedicine and carry out research in these areas and other areas of Medical Sciences and Technology

Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law:  Constitutional Law, Procedural Law, Contact and Business Law, Technology and Business Law, Intellectual Property Law

G.S.Sanyal School of Telecommunications:  Telecommunication Circuits / Switching / Networking / Planning / Management, Optical Communications, Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and RF Engineering

School of Information Technology:  Information Systems, Software Engineering, Database Technology, Distributed Systems, Internet Technologies, e-commerce, e-learning, Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia Systems, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Robotics, Mobile Computing. Bio-informatics, VLSI Design

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur - 721302, INDIA
Telephone Number +91-3222-255221 | FAX : +91-3222-255303