Powers and duties of Officers and Employees
Director is the Principal Academic and Executive Officer of the Institute. The Director shall be responsible for the proper administration of the Institute and for the imparting of the instruction and maintenance of discipline therein. The Director has the power to incur expenditure in accordance with the procedure as may be laid by the Board/MHRD from time to time. Director has the power to fix the recommendation of the Selection Committee, initial pay of an incumbent at a stage higher than minimum of scale but not involving more than 5 increments in respect of post of which appointment can be made. For more details please refer to Statute 9.

Deputy Director shall assist the Director in academic and administrative work and maintaining liaison with Institution of higher learning and research.

Registrar is the custodian of records, funds of Institute and such other properties of the Institute.

Other officers and staff of the Institute assume powers, responsibilities and duties as assigned to them from time to time by the Director.