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In the year 1952, under the leadership of Professor E. Braner, a group of ten students formed the nucleus of this department. Soon it developed into a full-fledged undergraduate programme also offering post-graduate courses in 1956, for the first time, in the country. The Institute of Town Planners had also its beginning in this department. With time, pioneering attempts were made to start advance training in Building Science, Application of Computer Techniques in Architectural design Simulation, Presentation Graphics and Construction Technology. The consultancy activities of the department range from government and large corporate clients in the country ranging from design of large townships, institutions, landscaped environmental planning to conservation of heritage sites and buildings. Some of the key areas of research include Building Technology and Management, Housing and Community Planning, Heritage Studies and Conservation, Urban Design, Visual and Graphic Design, Computer Applications in Architecture and Planning, GIS and Multimedia Applications, Environmental Design, Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering, Metropolitan Planning, Infrastructure Planning and Systems Management.

Head of the Department : Prof. Subrata Chattopadhyay
Phone (Head's chamber) : +91-3222-282246
Office : +91-3222-282245
Phone (Chamber) : +91-3222-283210
Phone (Residence) : +91-3222-283211, +91-3222-277823
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