Dipak Kumar Goswami





Research Areas

  • Organic Electronic Devices
  • Biomedical devices, Flexible electronics
  • Organic thin film growth
  • Technologies for Affordable Healthcare
Organic Electronics group is working on fabrication of highly efficient organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) and different sensors based on OFETs. The group has fabricated few highly efficient devices with exceptional ambient stability. Such devices showed tremendous promises to be used for flexible and stretchable applications. Few devices have been demonstrated for highly sensitive gas sensors with fastest responses. The group is currently working on fabrication of OFETs for flexible and stretchable applications. We are also interested in bio-medical application of OFETs.

I addition, group is involved in understanding the basic physics at surfaces and the interfaces of different organic layers used on the devices. 

​We are open for active collaborations with other groups interested in working in the fields of synthesis of active materials with different functionality.
  • Organic field-effect transistors as high performance humidity sensors with rapid response, recovery time and remarkable ambient stability V.V. Subbarao, Murali Gedda, Parameswar Krishnan Iyer, Dipak Kumar Goswami By Organic Electronics 32 169-178 (2016)
  • Enhanced environmental stability induced by effective polarization of a polar dielectric layer in tri-layer dielectric system of organic field-effect transistors: a quantitative study Nimmakayala V V Subbarao , Murali Gedda , Parameswar Krishnan Iyer and Dipak K. Goswami By ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 7 - (2015)
  • Local Diffusion Induced Roughening in Cobalt Phthalocyanine Thin Film Growth Murali Gedda, Nimmakayala V V Subbarao, and Dipak K. Goswami By Langmuir 30 8735-8740 (2014)
  • Roughening in Electronic Growth of Ag on Si(111)-(7×7) Surfaces Arindam Pal, J. C. Mahato, B. N. Dev and Dipak K. Goswami By ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 5 - (2013)
  • Evidence for layer-dependent Ehrlich-Schwöbel barrier in organic thin film growth X. Zhang, E. Barrena, Dipak K. Goswami, D. G. de Oteyza, C. Weis and H. Dosch By Phys. Rev. Lett. 103 - (2009)
  • Film morphology, performance and stability of n-channel organic transistors based on novel perylene carboxylic diimide derivatives. R. T. Weitz, K. Amsharov, U. Zschieschang, E. V. Barrena, Dipak K. Goswami, M. Burghard, H. Dosch, M. Jansen and H. Klauk By J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130 4637- 464 (2008)
  • Preferential heights on growth of Ag island on Si(111)-(7x7) surfaces. Dipak K. Goswami, K. Bhattacharjee, B. Satpati, S. Roy, P. V. Satyam, B. N. Dev By Surf. Sci. 601 603-608 (2007)
  • The controlled evolution of a polymer single crystal X. Liu, Y. Zhang, Dipak K. Goswami, J. S. Okasinski, K. Salaita, P. Sun, M. J. Bedzyk and C. A. Mirkin By Science 307 - (2005)
  • Nanoscale self-affine surface smoothing by ion bombardment. D. K. Goswami, and B. N. Dev By Phys. Rev. B 68 - (2003)

Principal Investigator

  • Development of Flexible Humidity and Temperature Sensors for Healthcare Applications (Meity Part)
  • Fabrication of 2D platinum dichalcogenides based array of devices for their primary applications in photodetectors and biosensors
  • Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program-Idea to Innovation (INUP I2I)
  • Nano-electronics Network for Research and Application (NNetRA)- IIT Kharagpur (MEITY Part)
  • Nano-electronics Network for Research and Applications (NNetRA)- IIT Kharagpur (DST Part)

Ph. D. Students

Abhijit Narayan Eshore

Area of Research: Nano material based sensor

Abhirup Das

Area of Research: Flexible organic electronic devices

Anshika Bansal

Area of Research: Nanomaterials and Devices

Atreyee Sen

Area of Research: Optoelectronic Materials

Monojit Mondal

Area of Research: Nano scale devices for energy storage and harvesting

Rajdeep Banerjee

Area of Research: Flexible electronic devices

Richeek Nayak

Area of Research: Organic Electronic Devices

Riya Sadhukhan

Area of Research: Biosensors for healthcare applications

Samik Mallik

Area of Research: Flexible sensors for environmental monitoring

Santanab Majumder

Area of Research: Nano scale sensors

Satyajit Roy

Area of Research: Organic Electronics

Shiv Prakash Verma

Area of Research: Flexible and Stretchable Electronics

Soumitree Mishra

Area of Research: Organic electronic devices

Sovanlal Mondal

Area of Research: Organic Electronic Devices

Subharthi Saha

Area of Research: Organic Electronic Devices